Build components into code; working demo available on Github. Testing is done iteratively.

Shoreline's Accessibility team reviews and suggest changes for implementation

Finalize PCF for OU's migration of Excel to PCF

Shoreline's team goes through demos and approves functionality. All HTML design files review and analyzed and verified to be functioning as expected, plus W3C and Accessibility Compliant. Functional Specification meeting(s) via webex take place to go through all elements in each page type to define the development plan. Report any issues, bugs, questions, or requests back to Jeanine.

Program option info due and submitted to OU for verification and to prep for migration.

Jeanine to backup and download test site in order to reference all staging files prior to update on Oct 1-5.

Dev fixes.

Gavin to remove test site (if possible) and duplicate www to new test site.

Update page design and template files. Update snippets to function similarly on new framework.

Shoreline team tests creating new pages using existing snippets; check and report any inconsistencies.

Dev fixes.

OU creates program options. Need to discuss when the file structure is built out--as well as program parent information.

Develop Wordpress theme for news.shoreline.edu

Design updates for homepage content, expanding megamenu, subfooter and footer